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We also sell a meter socket for the KWH meters. Some of our customers are using existing meter sockets, and some purchase sockets, or all-in-one service boxes from Home Improvement Centers so they can wire branch circuits to circuit breakers located in the meter box.
The KWH meters we have in stock are residential meters, and they are the EZ-Read meters without dials. The readout is displayed through mechanical means and is ruggedly built.

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The meters that I sell are generally used for metering the power consumption used by a tenant, or a separate work shop. They have also been used in windmill and solar array systems. These mechanical meters lend themselves to this task very well, because when the power reverses, the meter starts to subtract from the current reading.

All of the KWH meters are rebuilt, and calibrated to electric utility standards by a company that specializes in that field. The KWH meters that we sell were manufactured in the United States by Westinghouse, or General Electric Company. The company that specializes in rebuilding and calibrating these KWH meters is also located in the United States.
These meters will work with 240/120 volt systems, 240 volt systems, and 120 volt systems. A wiring diagram is included for the 120 volt configuration with every order.
Three phase KWH meters are also available, but are not stocked at this location, and just about any configuration can be special ordered.
All KWH meters have a two year replacement warrantee with them, and our residential meters also have a 30 day “No Questions Asked” return policy.
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